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Year Six

Macbeth - Young Shakespeare Company

Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed the performance of Macbeth, given by the Young Shakespeare Company. This will inspire our next English unit of work. Thank you to the amazing PTFA who generously subsidised the cost of this for us. 

Year 6 visit to Leicester Hebrew Congregation Synagogue and Heritage Centre


To start our learning about electricity, we stood in a circle and passed post-it note electrons around the circle to show how the flow of electrons works. Some people then took on the role of motors or light bulbs and had to perform an action as the electrons were passed to them. 

Origami frogs and hearts

Some Japanese students from the University of Leicester visited us to teach us about Japanese culture. The taught us some simple phrases and then we learned how to make origami frogs and hearts.

Circulatory System Science. Learning about the components of blood and their functions. We made some models of blood to help us learn and remember this knowledge.

We started our science topic on the human circulatory system by creating diagrams of the main parts of the system using plasticine and wool. We discussed the function of these main parts.

Crime and punishment throughout history. We researched what life would have been like in Victorian prisons and tried out some chores to represent those that they would have done.

Learning About Light - using knowledge of angles of incidence and reflection to see around corners.

Welcome to Year 6. Poems in the style of Rudyard Kipling's 'If', looking at the qualities needed to be a successful year 6 pupil at St John's.