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Maths at St John the Baptist



Mastering mathematics is essential for everyday life and understanding our world. It enables the development of the children's natural ability to think logically, explore numbers and solve real life problems. Pupils learn to think creatively and make links between mathematical concepts through exploring patterns. They make and discuss generalisations, explaining their reasioning and justifying their answers. They develop their skills, knowledge and efficient methods of calculation - both mental and written - necessary to support their economic future and problem solving in life. Mastery in mathematics is essential for our children to possess throughout the school and beyond as this opens the rest of the curriculum and ultimately a variety of careers to them.

At St John the Baptist Primary School, we use and adapt the White Rose schemes of learning to ensure that all of our children have access to high quality teaching across the three mathematical strands of fluency, reasoning and problem solving using the concrete-pictorial-abstract (CPA) teaching sequence to ensure mastery of every strand of the mathematics National Curriculum. Teachers are encouraged to make use of our outdoor environment to make the mathematics more relevant to the children and make learning memorable. Every year group has their units sequenced in order for children to be able to build upon their previous learning and use mathematical methods and ideas in real life settings. All children are encouraged to solve problems presented in a variety of different ways using characters from many different backgrounds in order to explore their understanding further. Most topics are revisited in a spiral curriculum throughout the seven years that children spend with us. We have a strong focus on learning facts including number bonds and times tables early in a child’s mathematical career - and provide targeted interventions where these skills are absent - so that they are able to apply these skills to measurement, fractions, shape and data collection amongst others.


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