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History at St John's is all about exploring! Lessons begin with enquiry questions that will peak the interest of students. We have a strong emphasis on chronology, so that the children can place their area of study onto a world time line. Through this, we can build links between periods and recognise that the History of people and civilisations happens simultaneously.


We can split our History into 4 areas:

1) World History

2) British History

3) Leicester's History
4) Key Figures


Our world History looks at places outside of Britain. From Greeks to Egyptians, Romans to the Kingdom of Benin, the children will explore artifacts and sources to help piece together a world that is outside of their own vacinity.


In British History, we will link the world History to what we can see around us. We will see how the Romans, though originally in Europe, came to Britain and had a huge impact on how we live today. The Vikings and Anglo-Saxons will help us explore ideas of conquest and settlement, whilst also looking at government and how many of their ways of living are still in place today.


Our British History is then zoomed in to look at the History of Leicester. We will look at how the world-famous Premier League win of the 2015/16 season affected Leicester, and how our love for sport has impacted the city. With us being a School with strong links with the Church, what better way of having a local study than to look outside our doorstep. The children will be given the opportunity to explore the local area and learn how to identify buildings from different eras, before exploring the church itself. 


Finally, at St John's, students will learn all about key figures that have shaped our history. These famous heroes of the past are from all walks of life and time periods. From Alan Turing, to Malala Yousafzai, to Christopher Columbus and Mary Seacole, all children will get to compare, contrast and learn about these fascinating individuals.