St John The Baptist Church of England Primary School

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Structure and Remit


To view the full Principles of Governance, please see below.


St John the Baptist Primary School will be under the control of the Governing Body. The Governing Body will have a clearly defined strategic role in shaping the success of the School. All members will be appointed on the basis of the contribution they can make to the School. All School governors will have a legal duty to act only in the interests of the School and to have regard for confidentiality and professionalism.

The role of the Governing Body is to be responsible for strategic management, to act as a critical friend and to be accountable.


The Strategic Role

The governors will provide a strategic framework through the following mechanisms.

  •  Together with the Head teacher the governors will establish a vision for the school that will reflect the drive towards meeting standards within the Christian mission of a Church of England school.

  • By appointing the Head teacher and all other staff at St Johns

  • By establishing the priorities of the School

  • By setting and monitoring of standards

  • By setting and monitoring aims and objectives

  • By establishing and maintaining policies

  • By acting as a ‘critical friend’ to the Headteacher by providing advice and support.


The Role of Critical Friend

As a critical friend governors should offer support, constructive advice, act as a sounding board for ideas, a second opinion on proposals and offer help where needed. Governors may also challenge, ask questions, seek information, improve proposals and so seek to arrive at a solution.


Meetings and Committees:

The Full Governing Body will be required to meet at least once per term, chaired by the Chair of Governors. In addition to the Full Governing Body there are two task based committees which will be required to meet at least once per term.


The two task based committees are:

  • Leadership and Management Committee (Chaired by Co-opted Governor, David Shelley)

  • Standards and Delivery Committee. (Chaired by Chair of Governors, David Park)


 There are other Governors’ Committees which have a specific remit which requires them to meet as required (e.g. once per year).  These committees are:

  • Hearings Committee

  • Appeals Committee

  • Admissions Committee

  • Pupil Discipline Committee

  • Head teacher’s Performance Committee

  • Pay Review Committee

  • Foundation Governors Group


Some Governors may also take on individual responsibilities in relation to specific School developments. Some of these are statutory requirements but many of them will be key development areas for the School. This would involve the individual governor in linking with a named member of staff from the School in order to find out more and to be involved in monitoring and supporting the work in relation to this particular area. 


Policy and Resources Committee:

Areas of responsibility:  Budget, Premises, Policy Framework, Staffing Structure.

Aim: To ensure the School has adequate financial resources, physical resources and staffing and that they are used effectively and strategically in order to support raising standards.


Standards and Delivery Committee:

Areas of Responsibility: Performance, Progress, Standards, Delivery - Teaching & Learning, School Development Plan

Aim: To monitor and review performance and progress against internal and external targets and priorities, and to ensure that standards are maintained and improved.



The Governing Body shall consist of:

3 parent governors

1 authority governor

1 staff governor

1 Head Teacher

9 foundation governors

1 co-opted governor

The total number of governors will be 16.


The term of office for all categories of governor is 4 years, but the Co-opted Governor may be appointed by the Governing Body for between one year and four years, as determined at the time of appointment and notified to the clerk.


Foundation governors shall be appointed by The Leicester Diocesan Board of Education, with nominations made by St John the Baptist Parochial Church Council, Clarendon Park, one of whom shall be ex-officio. The incumbent of the benefice of St John the Baptist, Clarendon Park shall be an ex-officio foundation governor.