St John The Baptist Church of England Primary School

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Religious Education

Religious Education at St John the Baptist C of E Primary School is provided for all pupils and is taught by teaching staff.


R.E. is currently taught weekly, with most units taking half a term. The exception to this is that the systematic units which involve a focused study of a world faith for a term. These are taught from year 2 to year 6. Pupils in FS2 and year 1 make comparisons of faiths through thematic units of work on ‘Why do we need friends?’ and ‘How do we show we care?’ This provides opportunities for pupils to make visits to places of worship and meet people from different faiths. The staff team at St John the Baptist Church support our teaching of RE and pupils also participate in workshops run by Wendy from Parable Arts which relate to our RE units of work.


The majority of Christianity is taught using the resource Understanding Christianity whilst the other units of work are taught from the Leicester City locally agreed syllabus ‘Harmony and Diversity’. Thematic units enable pupils to make comparisons between different world faiths and non-religious world views. An overview of the units of study and the religions and world views taught is in the curriculum section of the website.


The RE curriculum meets the requirements set out in the Church of England ‘Statement of Entitlement for RE’.


The RE curriculum focuses on the importance of text and belief within a faith or worldview, the impact that has on believers and then allows pupils to make connections with how what they have learned relates to their own thoughts and beliefs. The curriculum is taught in a range of ways such as using drama, art and music and opportunities for pupils to work with partners and in groups.


Progression of knowledge and skills is assessed by class teachers and monitored by the RE coordinator through visiting lessons, work sampling, conducting pupil conversations and analysing data provided.


The lead governor for RE meets with the coordinator regularly. The RE coordinator leads staff inset to provide training and increase staff knowledge on the teaching of RE.


Some of our pupils have had their work featured in the RE Today magazine and opportunities to enter the NATRE spirited arts and poetry competitions are provided.