St John The Baptist Church of England Primary School

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Collective Worship


Collective worship plays a central part in the life of St. John's. It is a time where the whole school is given the opportunity to meet together, participate and reflect.


The structure of collective worship is detailed below.


Monday - Pupil of the week/Christian value of the week

A celebration of the uniqueness of our pupils. One pupil from each class is chosen to receive a special certificate for demonstrating the Christian value of the previous week. The new Christian value of the week is then shared with the children. Parents/Carers of the children receiving certificates are invited to attend.


Tuesday - Diocesan theme

An engaging gathering led by a church member or class teacher with a focus on the Diocese assembly theme.


Wednesday - Worship Whizz Kids

Worship planned and led by pupils from the 'Worship Whizz Kids' team focussing on a biblical theme as a source for inspiration and learning.


Thursday - Singing

Children meet in Key Stages to worship through song.


Friday - Class/Good work assembly

Each class in the school take it in turn to plan and lead worship for the whole school. When it is not a class assembly pupils are chosen to share good work that has been achieved during the week. We celebrate and thank God for our gifts and talents.


Special acts of worship to celebrate the liturgical year are held in St John's Church. We focus on Harvest, Advent, Ash Wednesday, Easter, Ascension Day and our Patronal festival of St. John the Baptist. Classes lead the reading and prayers on these occasions. Parents and our school community are invited to these church services.

Wild Worship